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A - Tree Huggers
B - Butt Huggers
C - Hip Huggers

A - Led Zeppelin
B - Jefferson Airplane
C - Canned Heat

A - Love  Beads
B - Dog Tags
C - Ankh Symbol

A - Light Up
B - Be Free
C - Drop Our

Thats it!  So how did you do?
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damn, I thought i was going to have to take a class on how to navigate writing in my journal,   they have changed it up a bit.   Sometimes too many choices is not a good thing.   Like journal entries and donut shop selections.
Its one of those nights that I cannot seem to stay asleep..  So here it is, 4AM  in the morning  and I have given in,  made coffee  and settled in with my first cup of the morning.
I've been doing quite a bit of research on family history lately.  Got a subscription to  And although i think its a bit pricey, the information available to you can be remarkable.  You can turn up some of the most surprising things.
For instance:  After doing a DNA spit kit for 23and me,  I discovered that i am about 71% northern european, irish,  a bit scandanavian,  a teesny bit south asian,  2.7% neanderthal....(really..for true).  and 1.7% native american.   The european and irish didnt surprise me.  Looking in the mirror and my grandparents surnames  kind of validated that one.  But,  the native american thing  I didnt see coming.  Curious as to where i got that from I began to ask questions and do research......and hit brick wall after brick wall.  OH these ancestry websites will dangle bits  of temptation and information at you...just enough to let  you know that THEY have some of that info but you cannot have it unless you buy a subscription months go by...and my obstinancy turns to  defeat and kicking and screaming I go ahead and purchase a membership to
As for the native american connection i assumed it must have come from my maternal grandfathers family.  Although his surname is Maxwell whose scottish ancestor emigrated to America around 1740,  my grandfather was born and lived in LeFlore County Oklahoma which is in the heart of the Choctaw Nation.  It turns out that his mother Jane Hull's mother was Sarah Dodson who is a descendent of some guy named Chief Joseph RainCrow.  A minor native american chief,  I did the math on what percent of native american i have gotten from just this one ancestor  and it turns out to be a miniscule 1/ 128th..which means my mom was 1/64th, my grandfather was 1/32nd, his mother was 1/16th  her mother sarah was 1/8th, sarahs dad was 1/4th which made him the grandson of Joseph Raincrow. and son of Josephs daughter Piolly Raincrow Dodson.l  Pretty cool huh?   But, that would not add up to be my there is more somewhere back there in time.   Waiting for me to find it.   But I did run into more interesting stories and mysterys  in my research.  Which i will share with you all soon.
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So....I have moved into a little one bedroom cottage on the edge of downtown with my boyfriend.  (hate that word...boyfriend.  One would think there would be a better more realistic word  to replace 'boyfriend' with when you're over 40.  I mean its been several decades since he has been a boy....)  ANYWAYS..... its cute. cozy.  has lots of potential.  Built in probably the 1940's  which means real walls (plaster not sheet rock),  higher ceilings with cupboards that reach all the way to the top, built in drawers  for clothing and stuff and all kinds of cubby holes, shelves  and such that you dont see in modern places anymore.  Like a shelf built right into the wall just big enough for a telephone.  how quaint right?  I pictuire the phone my grandmother used to have....a big black  weapons grade heavy affair  with a huge dial right in the middle that made a when you dialed one of the numbers.  this  phone did not do one single solitary thing except make and recieve phone calls....anyway i can picture that old dinosaur right on this phone cubby  in my cottatge living room.    lol.
My new place also has an attic that hasnt seen human contact in years....I know right?  I need a ladder.  a good flashlight,  some bug spray and some medicinal quality weed from the pot store and just make a day of it up there....
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I am the worlds worst when it comes to giving thank you and your welcome responses.  Please dont take it personal.  I know its a horrible habit i need to overcome.  So to all of those whom I owe it to;  here is a big Thank You for the comments and faves and watches and a big  Your Welcome  to those who have thanked me for faves and other things.
I do apppreciate and love you all.
  • Listening to: neighbors argueing outside my window
  • Reading: between the lines
  • Watching: the world go insane
  • Playing: headgames
  • Eating: out of boredom
  • Drinking: nectar of the gods - COFFEE!
I have been procrastinating about this for too long.  I mean to get around to updating my journal but get busy with something else or get sidetracked looking at deviations .
So....I will be back shortly to do this very thing....right now i have to go throw some laundry into the wash....;) (Wink)
Hello All:
just home out of the hospital where i had a serious encounter with almost death.
Scary stuff...that.  couldnt breathe...did the 911 thing.....3 days laying on a gurney in emergency ward.  Six IV's shots in the stomach, breathing treatments antibiotics...enough blood drawn to feed an army of  vampires. Tested me for everything under the sun. Turns out i had pneumonia....have had it for awhile  and didnt know it.  I thought it was my asthma acting up.
Home now....the constant coughing is gone....thank you powers that be who watch out for me!
Because i must tell you...and if you're a older woman then you probably already know  this...with the coughing ...comes the pee'ing on yourself.....not a big confidence unattractive is that!  whats that smell? is there a baby around? nah....just me and my peeing problem.....which is minimal now....
I think a lot more woman have this problem  than they care to admit because its embarrassing and nasty.  To those of you who do have it  i sympathise...its a horrible condition.....and it very effectively ends your relationship with thong
Today is day six from the hospital....and day six of no more cigarettes....wish me luck on this...i am a 35 year smoker......jesus-fuck.....35 years!  I am so damn lucky that i dont have cancer i will take this reprieve and try to do well with it.....get healthier and stay that way.

Odd thing about hospital.....i dont know how many of you believe in ghosts...i most certainly do....the hospital i was in is very old....and full of ghosts....they would not let me sleep.....and it was kids.....ghosts of dead kids  laying in metal boxes with just their heads sticking out....calling to me telling me to  go wake up and go home.....very very creepy......any idea's about how to interpret that one ? i dont have any....maybe it was just the meds....but metal boxes? with their heads sticking out?  and these were kids from another generation......older like the earlier part of the 1900's or so.....reminded me of world war 2 era kids....very very first it seemed like a magicians box where you get cut in half....but it was some kind of medical device....
oh well....maybe i am borderline crazy, who knows?
But to you all.....i am grateful to still be her....grateful to have all of you to talk to ....and a message fro m me to you.....
life can be short and turn on a dime.....take time to love those who matter to you....take time for  the little things that make important memories  for the future.....
i care for you all......
joy (fairyrainsong)
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to all my watchers old and new....thank you!
I dont always get around to thanking you in a timely manner and right now my life situation is kinda topsy turvy but i wanted you all to know that i appreciate you!
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  • Reading: The Jeffrey Dahmer Cook-Book
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  • Playing: like I love you
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  • Drinking: dr pepper
The television series "Leverage" is pretty good.  What would make it even better is if Elizabeth Gracen joined the cast as one of the team.

So, tell me:

What tv series do you like?

Whats your favorite movies?

What's your favorite songs either old or new?

Mine are cold case, that 70's show, Medium, The Ghost Whisperer, Star Trek Enterprise

Practical Magic, The Lovely Bones, Out to Sea, Braveheart

Slow Dancing Swaying to the Music, Slip sliding away, purple rain,
symphony of destruction, get together, ravels bolero,  rose (titanic)

*songs i forgot to add:  tired of towin' the line,(rocky burnett) sway (bic runga) imagine (john lennon) he dont love you (tony orlando) & some gave all (b.r. cyrus)
  • Listening to: tv
  • Reading: The Jeffrey Dahmer Cook-Book
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Advice to Remember

Sun Jul 25, 2010, 12:55 AM
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To the male population, especially the under 13 crowd:

Never put your penis in a chinese finger trap!

movie recommendation:
Gramma's boy: you've probably already watched it, but it will bring a smile again and again. dig it out and pop it into the dvd player.

Mays news

Sun May 30, 2010, 8:42 PM
I am bored out of my gourd.  I am just about recovered from a two week stint with the flu.  ugh.. Now the apartment needs to recover from me not cleaning it for two weeks.  I think it comes alive at night when i am sleeping and messes itself up. I mean, i havent even cooked so where did all those dishes come from?  Of course it could be my cats. They were about to mutiny if i didnt hurry up and  get well.
I am so sick of NASCAR on TV that i could puke. What is it about men and nascar racing?  I just dont get it.

My daughter went back to her abusive husband and has since disowned me for not supporting her decision.  It makes me sick and makes me sad that nothing can seem to break her tie to him. He has put her in the hospital, almost killed her. Beat her up too many times to mention. Refuses to get a job, drinks, steals her money and has alienated her from all family and friends. I had really hoped this time she would stay away from him, but no. Now WE her family are the enemy and he and her are "honeymooning" again. Until the next time he beats her. This has been going on for years. about ten to be exact. I feel sorry for my grandkids, who i have almost no relationship with  because of him.

The weather is warming up here nicely. Or not so nicely depending on how you like HOT.  Seems like the older i get the less i like hot weather. and it does get hot here in bakersfield. we have periods of days upon days when it doesnt get below a hundred degree's  except at night. Thats when i swear i am moving to the coast. I swear it every summer but i am still here in bakers-crotch. But hey, we're famous. we have buck owens and merle haggard and Korn ! whoo-hoo!

well thats about it. time to go put in a star trek enterprise dvd and veg out.

movie recommendation> As good as it gets. Jack nicholson is so obnoxiously funny in this movie. ITs a favorite.
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Spelling Matters!

Tue Apr 27, 2010, 8:59 PM
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Sometimes i just wanna cill my boyfriend....
and i meen it!
thats boyfriend
cuz he gits on my last nerve.

movie recommendation> first wives club...another classic comedy that will send a shitty mood right out the front door.
another one for a rainy dark night is '1408'...this one will scare the pants off of you.


Thu Apr 15, 2010, 9:06 PM
i need info

ok, i have ten llama badges and have been upgraded to super llama...????  
what is a llama badge? how do i get them? what am i supposed to do with them? how do i give them to others?
I looked in the FAQ section but found nothing.
WTF is a llama badge??? :-)
i am serious!

Movie recommendation: Braveheart....a classic, a wonderful film...if i wasnt of scottish ancestry already, this movie would make me wish i was! I know everyone has seen it already but its worth watching one more time!
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Almost April

Sun Mar 28, 2010, 6:39 AM
Happy Sunday, a quick note before going out to the swap meet (treasure hunting, you know!) lol

Just checking in with you all.
Its been a slow month for the most part.
Today is my oldest sons birthday...he's 24, a year older than i was when he was born. Wow...and he looks so much like Kurt Cobain that they could pass as brothers. Eerie but cool. :-)

Lolly Vegas the lead singer from the band Redbone died this month. He was buried in Fresno Ca on the  16th of march...age 70.....Peace Out Lolly....thank you for the music and the memories. Redbone was a native american band who's heyday was the early 70's. You might remember their biggest hit "come and get your love"...I thought he deserved a mention here. My gallery has a pic of the band if you care to look it up, hell, i may just put it on here in this journal.

The weather here in CA is warming up nicely...we are already running around in sleevless tops sandals and shorts...nice now, but i will be bitching about the heat in another couple

Movie recommendation: Man on Fire...another old one, Denzil Washington and Dakota Fanning...a killer movie based on a true story, if you havent watched it you need to! If you have, watch it again!
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Sex Survey

1.  Virginity. How old were you when you lost it?
A:   16

2.  Sex in the morning, afternoon or night?
A:   night

3.  On which side of the bed do you sleep?
A:   either

4.  have you ever cheated on your partner?
A:  yes

5. Guys:  sex with an older woman...what is it about them that makes you  want it?
A:  n/a

6.  Have you ever taken your clothes off for money?
A:  yes

7.  Ladies: Once and for all...does size really matter?
A   yes

8. Do you pee in the shower?
A: yes

9.  bikini area....shaved or just trimmed up?
A:  shaved

10. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed?
A:  aggressive
11. Not counting porn...whats the 2 most erotic movies you have ever seen?
A:  91/2 weeks  and original sin

12. Have an affair with a married person - would you? have you?
A  yes

13. Love or money?
A:  money

14.  Have you ever  had a one night stand?
A:   yes

17.   have you ever been on a blind date?
A:   yes

16.  Would you rather go camping or to a 5 star hotel?
A:   camping

17.  What is the weirdest place you have had sex?
A:   on a navy ship while out to sea

18. Is cheating forgiveable?
A:   yes

19.  Have you ever been to a strip club?
A    yes

20.  have you/would you  ever had sex with one of your best  friends boy/girlfriend?
A:   yes

21.  Ladies: how often have you faked an orgasm?,,, (just a few)  (less than half) (really often) (every time)
A:   less than half

22. What makes a good kisser?
A   slow, exploration not invasion and good breath

23.  Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?
A     yes

24.Speaking from experience... whats your biggest sexual turn off?
A:   smelling ass during oral sex

25. Ladies: Have you ever used sex to get something you wanted or needed?
A:   yes

26.  Have you ever Had sex in a public  bathroom?
A:   no

27.    Have you ever had sex at work?
A:    yes

28.  would you or have you ever dated someone you met from an internet dating site?
A:   yes

9.  Bought something from an adult store?
A:   yes

30.  Have you been caught having sex?
A:   yes

31.  Does anyone have naughty pics of you?
A:   yes

32.  Have you ever called someone the wrong name during sex?
A:   no

33.  ever had sex with a family member?
A:   no

34. ever had sex with member of the same sex?
A:   yes

35.  ever participated in a threesome or orgy?
A:   yes

36.  ever heard your parents having sex?
A:   yes

37.  Whats your fetish?
     forbidden sex

38.   Guys: how often do you masterbate? (everyday)  (a few times a week) (a few times a month)(hardly ever) n/a

39.   what famous person  would you have sex with if you could?
A:  adrian paul or antonio banderas

40.  ever had  phone sex?
A:   yes

41.  Have you ever made a sex video?
A:   yes...big mistake i dont recommend it

42.  We are making a mixed CD of songs to make love to. A soundtrack for sex.  Which 2 songs would you
       choose to be included on the CD?
A:    Hysteria by Def Leppard and ravels bolero
Sorry i havent been real chatty lately. Its been an awful month.
I am sitting here so very ill with the flu that i should probably be in the hospital, but here in wonderful america if you dont have health insurance, then too bad for you.  I am one of those who dont have it.
I dont think i have ever been this sick in my entire life.  I can hardly breathe.
3 weeks ago my next door neighbor put a 38 pistol to his temple and pulled the trigger. His brother came over here hysterically screaming and sobbing to call 911.  I went over to see if there was anything i could do, but of course there wasnt.  Lupe was just 30 years old.  Pray for him to whatever gods you guys believe in.  He was no saint for sure,, but he had good qualities and lots of people who loved him.
We went to the funeral, rather the wake i should say, the day before the funeral. I think the saddest thing of all was seeing his elderly mother sitting there crying out what remains of her reasons to go on.
I passed along my"Remember me this Way" for what ever comfort it may give. For those of you interested in reading that, its in my deviations gallery.
Ok, i feel a coughing fit coming on....
sorry if you feel i have been ignoring you. I havent been really, i just am so sick right now

love to all,  Joy  (rain)
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December's Entry

Tue Dec 15, 2009, 1:54 PM
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December is rolling along with a frenzy towards christmas. Which of course i am not ready for.
Its been kind of a blah month for me so far.  My neighbor is moving, i will miss her and her little girl, god only knows what will move in after she is gone. In this neighborhood you can only hope for the best.
My cat is in heat...oh lucky me...yowl yowl!
The boyfriend is on my last nerve, i wish i could send him home but he lives here.
I've been down with the flu for the past week and a half (Captain Trips for those of you who have read "the stand")...
so..everything has piled up.
Shopping, laundry, email, deviant business, etc...
Somebody fedex me a boxful of energy.
Anyhow, Happy holidays and all that #$#@%....
I've posted here 20 cool deves to cheer me/us up,
Check out the artists because all their stuff is good.
now....where's the nyquil?
innocence. by BORTECINE :thumb124086741: :thumb143126130: :thumb143403233: k by kram666 Stuck in Oblivion by Golubaja Visions of New Age by GypsyH the pear trial by fractalhead Sunfish by PatriciaRodelaArtist   34. Stars by TheAcrobat7 .life's pursuits. by GoldenAdonis Sea of Blocks by phudak78 The City by JeremyLemke Love by kannibaldevotchka :thumb104268980: Ringlet by bowie-lover lightball by coby01 Janis Joplin by Retro-Sorrento

Mature Content

Playful Punishment by Candra
Casa by anitadavinci

Movie recommendation:
Half Light;
stars Demi Moore, its a few years old but if you are into ghost stories with a twist then this flick will romp your shorts.
Starts out a bit slow, but builds speed and has an ending you will never see coming. Its NOT a scream and stab friday the 13th type movie at all. But it rates high on the creep factor.
An excellent suspense movie. check it out.

Autumn is here

Thu Nov 12, 2009, 10:47 AM
The hot months are finally behind us, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, the air is chilly now in the mornings. I have dragged out my jackets and winter clothes. The leaves are colorful and crisp. It all screams Autumn is here!
Here is twelve cool deves I am featuring from my faves collection that seem to fit in  the Autumn category.  Check out these artists when you have time to browse. It will be time well spent!

:thumb103142271 Sundance by Kancano Last Dance by Solvin Julius by coby01 Remembrance Rooms by hypomicro FireLion by Dismay666 Ripple Effect by Shadoweddancer twilight zone by tina1138 Chill in The Air by GypsyH Warped Peacock by charcoaledsoul a couple modern day cowpokes by rileymai Dust Devil by Trev311 The road not taken..... by Arcticwolfhowler

for those whose art i have featured, if you do not wish it to stay, just leave me a note and i will take it down. :-)

Movie recommendation:
Planes Trains and Automobiles...with Steve Martin and John Candy
This classic comedy is at least ten years old, but if you have never seen it, please check it out. Its funny, warm and heartlifting.
It also fits in with thanksgiving.
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Stephanie will always brighten up your day...if she were my daughter, i would nick-name her Stevie, drag her all over california and spoil her shamelessly....she's a beautiful girl...check her out...she's the soulweaver here on DA
I got this little activity from her.



2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle):


3. YOUR NOBODY NAME (your name mixed up with an x)


4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME (fav color and fav animal):

turquoise cat

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name, and current street name):

elaine thirty third

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of

your first name, last 3 letters of mom's maiden name):


7. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME (2nd favorite color, favorite drink):
red pepsi

8. YOUR ARAB NAME (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name,

any letter of your middle name, 2nd letter of your mom's maiden name, 3rd letter of

you dad's middle name, 1st letter of a sibling's first name, last letter of your mom's

middle name):


9. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME (mother's middle name):


10. YOUR GOTH NAME (black, and the name of one your pets):

black penney

Movie recommendation:
Its been out awhile but if you havent seen it, you should check it out:
- The New World -
My birthday was last friday, august 21st.
Yeah, that means that according to the astrological charts, I am a Leo. I slid in right before the cut-off. I came real close to being a virgo. Did anyone know that virgo is the only sign in the zodiac that is represented by a female? yep.
But theres no way i could be a virgo. I am most assuredly a leo one hundred percent. stubborn, attention hog, loyal to a fault, loud and mouthy at times, likes to be in charge, Protective, easy to be friends with, blah blah blah...
anyways, about my was quiet and uneventful. i am not one to glory it up and announce to everyone on the planet "hey,,its my birthday" like i am expecting something from them, because i think it makes most people feel put on the spot, like they have to do something special for that person. Now that they know, they would look likea jerk
if they dont acknowledge it.  Really, if u wanna do something, just do it. no special day required, are you guys gonna get me?  gift certificates are great, and fedex means you are just a day away... hahahaa.....NOT REALLY! Only kidding you guys!  
Ok seriously, what i was going to say before i got twisted off on that path, was that i notice that birthdays get more reflective as you get older.
It seem like it takes centuries to get to that magical "18", and after that time really starts to pick up speed. Thinking on all the memories over the years, so many of them are still crystal clear like it was just a few months ago, and inside i am the same person as i was then. But, when you really do think about it and then add the world around it as it was, thats when it hits so much has changed  and moved on, how much you have changed yourself, how old it all seems in comparison to now, and then the years take on some weight, it seems like a lifetime ago.
My mom died in 1999. Its been ten years since i have seen her, heard her voice, talked to her on the phone, and during that ten years  my life has changed so much. Lately though, i am beginning to wonder if she is really gone. That maybe she pulled some horrible disappearance trick on all of us and never really died at all. Maybe she slipped in to check on us  periodically over the years. Because lately i could swear that i have seen her, looking the same as she did the last time i saw her alive.
Fleeting glimpses is all i catch though.  In the mirror, thats where i catch her at, looking back at me from my own reflection! (thats a joke...i'm not a schizoid) Seriously though, Sometimes its startling to see the resemblance, the realization that i am catching up to her in age. Thats when the eternal 21 year old that lives inside of me freaks out  and says "OmiGod! I am turning into my mother!!!"

What is your astrological sign ?
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A Riddle For You

Tue Aug 4, 2009, 7:21 PM
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One Thanksgiving years ago my mom had invited a friend of hers over to spend it with us. She always did that every year, someone she knew who had no family or for some reason they would be alone on thanksgiving, she would insist that they come to our house. She always knew how to get around their pride or feeling out of place by making them feel needed. "Hey, we need another guy to help haul the folding table and chairs...or...I have a selfish motive here, i need someone to help clean up the dishes and besides that, i want you to make your famous apple dumplings."
Anyways this lady she worked with had this riddle.
It took me forever to figure it out. I never forgot it over the years. So here it is:

A man gets a phone call to come down to the morgue. There has been an accident and they need him to identify the body. After looking at the person laying on the slab, this is what he says:
"Brothers and sisters, I have none. But this mans father is my fathers son."
So...there is your only clue. Who is the dead guy?

Yes, its his son. How did you guys figure it out so fast? i actually had to put myself as the guy who gets the phone call and assign my real relatives in the place of his in the riddle to figure it out!
yeah. logic isnt one of my strong points! lol