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Loves Own Day :iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 0 0
A Boomers Daughter part 2
A Boomers Daughter - part two
When she was little she thought
her daddy was a secret agent
three tours in vietnam - agent orange
and a reconstructed  right foot
had left him with a bit of baggage
and recurring flash-backs
Quality time with dad
meant laying under their car all day
watching for the VC
Or helping to booby trap the house
in camoflauge face paint.
Her mom became a Jehovahs Witness
and set out for new mexico
armed with a divorce decree
and watchtower magazines
looking for aliens to save
because SHE had a message
Dad opened a night club
and married one of the dancers.
She grew up on fast food
in a dirty house filled with drama
and exotic lingerie.
At sixteen she wanted a car
and wondered how she might get it.
Her friends worked after school
slinging burgers & fries for chump change
She knew she would never do that.
She had eaten too much of it growing up
So she looked to her dad & stepmom
and pulled a page out of their book
Her idea was simple and ingenious.
A calendar w
:iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 1 3
Open House
It had been empty for  so long now
that there wasnt much left
Just  bare bones of a lonely old house
hollowed out by unforgiving seasons.  
The roof, windows and doors were gone
leaving it naked and blind.  
Even its memories had been lost
Scattered to the winds of time.
It no longer remembered
that it was once beautiful
and loved.
Or that for years
it had waited in vain
For the people to come back.
Nowadays it sags tiredly  
upon its hilltop
empty and alone
dying in quiet acceptance
and its story left untold.
:iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 1 9
I Will Remember You
This disease you have will change you
not all at once like a catastrophic event
it will just take a few tiny nibbles
every day
When you forget a name from the past
or dont remember to send a birthday card
or if you fed the cat today
I will be there to remind you.
When driving  has become a problem
because you cant remember the way home
You can be my Miss Daisy
and I will be your driver
When tiny nibbles growing and gathering speed
have stolen my name from your memory
and your body forgets how to swallow and breathe
I will take your hand and do the remembering.
When you are gone
I will tell your stories
I will make sure the world doesnt forget
how  beautiful you once were.
I will remember you.
:iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 2 6
My Hearts Desire :iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 1 0
A Boomers Daughter
Red meat gives her a nose bleed
she has a turtle living in her bathtub
because it has a message for her
that she has yet to recieve.
Christmas of her tenth year she spent with her mom
laying in sleeping bags in the New Mexico desert
waiting for aliens who had a message
that her mom had yet to recieve
Her daddy had issues from the viet nam war
where he spent christmas; 1968 lying in the jungle
his best friend dead at his side
waiting still for some sort of recognition
from his country for his service
waiting thru years of nightmares, survivors guilt & flash backs
for absolution that has never came.
Sick is the soul of the american family unit today
a Las Vegas wedding  a Mexican divorce & an email diploma
Sex dope cigarettes and social media
are all that remain of the american dream.
:iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 2 13
:iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 0 2
Jackyl Queen
A marrow sucking black widow queen
your agenda spiteful and mean
your poisonous kisses remain
a toxic brew
a bringer of pain
You think to shatter me
A forked heart that beats out of time
the tune reptilian sublime
Pet hyena curled at your feet
waits for a taste
of your poison so sweet.
Your trying to shatter me.
Your beauty -  just a glamour trick
underneath you are diseased and sick
Pathetic creature didnt you know?
I figured you out
so long ago.
You will never shatter me.
:iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 2 6
Behind the Wheel
Have you ever noticed
that everyone else on the road
is an idiot
except for you?
:iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 0 1
I tried to cultivate patience
But it took too long
:iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 1 2
Far Out! :iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 2 4 Antebella Zen :iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 2 0
Six Word Stories
AGE: In the mirror, my mothers face.
GRAVEYARD: Hundreds of  stories buried in coffins.
OLD HOUSE: Abandoned long ago. It mattered once.
LOTTERY TICKET: Spend a dollar. Scratch yourself rich.
GUYS POKER NIGHT: Telling lies, raunchy jokes and beer.
CO-ED: Boys and girls all here together.
PLANE CRASH: I should have rode the bus.
GIRLS BATHROOM; mirrors, make-up, gossip and tampon machines.
CHILDHOOD; old toys still at gramma's house.
SHOPLIFTER; taking store items with out paying.
EASTER SUNDAY:  New church clothes and colored eggs.
FIRST DATE: Dinner,movie and a goodnight kiss
LAWYER: Professional shit talker who makes bank.
GYNECOLOGIST: Doesn't recognize me by my face.
LITTLE KIDS: The reason we have drive thru's.
SUNSET:  I waited all day for you.
:iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 1 2
Mother are you Listening?
It had to be me. There was no one else
I learned to be a fixer in a silent house
and an enabler when you were crying
I wore your dependence like a badge
and ran wild while you were sleeping
I quit going to school
and I ate guilt like junk food
The last time it came from me
I gave you immortality
and you are with me always
In every failed relationship
In every mistake or bad decision
What am I?
mother daughter caretaker addict
A highly functioning basket case
Mother I forgive you
Please forgive me
so i can save myself
:iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 2 2
Casting the Runes
With the waning of the year
The moon waxing full
and heavily pregnant
with possible futures
I ask the question.
Which future shall I birth?
The cards are gossipy
with no true message
or direction to guide.
I lay the cards aside
Light the candle
and cast the runes
I study the pattern
in the pale warmth
of the candle flame
Which rune holds the clue?
The eighth rune
lies at the center.
Laughter bursts from me
part frustration
part amusement
brought by sudden understanding.
Wunjo literally translated
simply means Joy.
Cosmic Humor...
Very funny indeed.
Joy is me.
The name my mother gave me
at my birth.
The answers I seek
lay within myself.
I have a feeling
its going to be
an interesting year indeed.
:iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 1 1
Tips for the Time Traveler
When traveling in the:
Marty McFly Universe: Dont forget where you parked the DeLorean.
Star Trek Universe: Dont wear the red shirt & use colorful metaphors.
Terminator Universe:  Dont hang around Sara Commor
Outlander Universe:  Hide your small pox vaccination scar
Star Wars Universe: Dont be shocked at who is dating your mother
Jack Kirby Universe: Dont forget to close the boom tube.
Austin Powers Universe: Forget the Marvin Gay songs, visit the dentist!
Charmed Universe:  Never go alone.  Always travel with two friends.
Christopher Reeves Universe:  Leave your money at home.
Time Machine Universe:  Dont try to befriend a Morelock.
Quantum Leap Universe:  Oh Boy!  Ziggy will get back to you on that....
:iconbrittanniarain:BrittanniaRain 0 5
It is what it is....a sip of the brew that is uniquely all my wonderful and awful parts.


no rules apply here. whatever catches my eye, impresses or inspires me gets a ticket in.


I call this DA's own version of the music worlds 'liner notes'.

For me, this is the box where you let someone know how awesome their stuff is.

blonde bombshells throughout history: Who is the Queen? 

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United States
I AM: a bit counter-culture, a Leo, cynical, 2.7% neanderthal, fluent in spanglish , a truck-driver, funny, book-smart, mouthy, a baby-boomer, moody at times, impatient, happily divorced, loyal to a fault, very straight forward, a good speller, spiritual but not religious, 61 inches tall, an only child, a poet, stubborn, and a night-owl,
* * *
I HAVE: a handful of good friends, 1 daughter, 2 sons, 5 grand-kids, 3 tattoo's, 4 cats, 1 cockatiel, blonde hair, green eyes, tons of books, my moms 1966 ford mustang, reading glasses, my share of regrets, calloused feet, a cigarette addiction, dreams still to fulfill, a quick wit, crappy toe-nails, a pierced belly-button, my moms smile, my dads freckles, and a box with all my grandmothers recipes inside.
* * *
I SHOULD: quit smoking, look up old friends, get more exercise, be more punctual, know when to keep my mouth shut, plan ahead, make more time for my spiritual beliefs, open a savings account, change my hair style, get some life insurance, organize my stuff, clean out my car and keep a journal for each one of my kids.
* * *
I WANT: a new computer, a flat stomach, revenge on some, forgiveness from others, a time-travel machine, new clothes, less drama, perfect teeth, a summer in Europe, my own business, a house on the North California coast, new furniture, to learn APO, an automatic cigarette rolling machine, a miniature tree-house, an old fashioned porch swing
* * *
I LIKE: the ocean, bob marleys smile, coffee, Captain Kirk, bagpipes, comedy, cast-iron skillets, vampires, pizza, astrology, tarot cards, time alone, yard sales & thrift stores, menthol cigarettes, star-trek, almost all kinds of music, quartz crystals, dirty jokes, cheese-cake, roller-coasters, long hair on guys, mexican food, fireplaces, chocolate, quality incense, home-made ice-cream, history, turquoise jewelry, victorian houses, the color red, books, sci-fi, surveys, polls, trivia contests on the radio, pomegranites, analyzing people, fresh cherries, hippy skirts and ferris wheels.
* * *
I DISLIKE: waking up early, dark rooms, hot weather, cold toilet seats, drunks, internet porn, telemarketers, nepotism, beer, religious freaks, spiders, snitches, walk-in movie theaters, sports on tv, waiting in lines, cheap bread, racism, crowded stores, cigarette leeches, shell-fish, rap music, politics, math, kids who dont mind and parents who wont disclipine them, noisy neighbors, the scent of lavender, gluttons, mushrooms, leaf blowers, animal cruelty, and those stupid infomercials on late night tv.
* * *
I BELIEVE IN: good and evil, self-help books, chicken soup, herbal medicine, coincidences, soul mates, Karma, apologies, grandparents rights, premonitions, haunted houses, spanking kids, past-lives, 2nd chances, king arthur, family traditions, socialized medicine, murphy's law, the death penalty, Atlantis, sacred space, girl scout cookies, personal privacy, vacations, recycling, hand-shakes, equal rights and a personal code of honor,
* * *
I HAVE NEVER: owned a brand new car, drank a martini, been arrested, donated blood, delivered a baby, hiked up a mountain, been in a bar fight, went on an ocean cruise, broken a bone, won anything off the radio, shaved my head, shoplifted from a store, hitch-hiked, had sex in a grave-yard, bungee jumped, hypnotized a chicken or sold anything on E-Bay.
* * *
I AM NOT: a relationship drama queen, ruled by logic, a twin, shy, pregnant, adopted, bi-polar, a party animal, wealthy, a cop caller, a secret agent, paranoid, a college graduate, on a diet, a good singer, vegetarian, on parole , part of the moral majority, in therapy, being followed or afraid of the dark.
* * *
MY FAVORITE: Soft Drink - Pepsi
Color - Turquoise
Cookie - Peanut butter criss-crosses
Food - Pasta
Movie - Star Trelk IV - "The Voyage Home"
Song - When the daylight comes by Ian Hunter
Book - The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

A - Tree Huggers
B - Butt Huggers
C - Hip Huggers

A - Led Zeppelin
B - Jefferson Airplane
C - Canned Heat

A - Love  Beads
B - Dog Tags
C - Ankh Symbol

A - Light Up
B - Be Free
C - Drop Our

Thats it!  So how did you do?
  • Listening to: white noise
  • Reading: my cats body language
  • Watching: the world go insane
  • Playing: my air flutaphone
  • Eating: salad
  • Drinking: RC Cola


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